Less Support Expenses

Convert more shop visitors into buyers by finding out what they need and giving it to them immediately before anything else distracts them.

Happier Customers

Because EVERYONE who added a product to his cart is automatically subscribed to your bot, you can use Facebook Messenger to retarget people who end up not buying. Since you’ll get up to 90% open and 60% click-through rates on those messages, you’ll able to recover up to 50% of all abandoned carts.

More Sales

By automating support requests like order changes, cancellation and most other inquiries you’ll be able to respond to your clients requests in real time 24/7 at 0$/hour. This will improve your customer’s satisfaction because they get a quick answer and increase your profits because you need less staff.

Handles 70% of customer support requests.

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Stores that are using support bots


Maximilian Berger


We were looking for ways to drive down lead generation cost for a while now but found no success. Komputerize pitched us a chatbot for top of the funnel lead generation. At the beginning we were skeptic. That’s why we agreed to make a test. We ran Facebook Ads against the bot instead of our usual landing page funnel for two weeks. The results blew our minds! We acquired almost 8000 leads at 0.09 USD per subscriber. The bot is going to be a main pillar for our next product launch.

Stephan Puffler


Customer Support used to be a ball and chain to our business which just wouldn’t let us grow at the pace we wanted. At some point we realized that most requests were very similiar and asked Komputerize to build a bot for us to handle them. Now the bot handles most requests without us having to become active. Contrary to our initial concerns, our customers love the bot as a way to get immediate, accurate responses.

Valentine Hrytsenko


Every house has different security issues as well as every house owner’s awareness of those issues varies immensely. This made it incredibly hard for us to make meaningful offers to our shop visitors without overwhelming them with details. Komputerize built a bot that keeps a casual and funny conversation while gathering crucial data. Out of the 768 possible answers, the bot chooses the one that helps the customer best to make the right purchasing decision.


Replies Instantly

The bot answers every question about YOUR product in real-time.

Handles Thousands of Customers Simultaneously

The bot delivers fast support and he is able to delight hundreds of customers simultaneously.

Writes Like a Human

The conversations are designed in a non-roboticized way to give the best support to your customers.

Hands Over to a Human

If your clients prefer to talk to a human, the bot will redirect them to one of your employees.

Improves Over Time

The bot asks his human colleagues things he doesn’t know and he memorizes their answers.

Helps to Find the Right Products

He delivers the right products to people who are ready to buy based on their own preferences.

Costs You $0 per Hour

He doesn't ask for a salary and it's way cheaper than a human operator.

Works 24/7

This customer support agent doesn't need vacations, lunch breaks or quick coffee.



Patrik Dobos


Florian Wawrosch


Kevin Köhler


Viktoria Korol


Dmitry Belous

Business Development

Bruno Levi


Thomas Wozniak


Natalie Khomenko

Find out how you can benefit from chatbots

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